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AMERICA® software technology is available under the TSU (Technology and software – unrestricted) License Exception of the United States Export Administration Regulations, EAR §740.13(a).

By downloading AMERICA® software, you agree that neither you nor your customers intend to or will, directly or indirectly, export or transmit AMERICA® software to any country where such export or transmission is restricted by any applicable U.S regulation or statute without the prior written consent of the Bureau of Export Administration.

By downloading AMERICA® software, you agree to the Conditions for use as described in General Software Note § 740.11(a) of the EAR, “Operation technology and software.”

(1) Scope.

The provisions of paragraph (a) permit exports and reexports of operations technology and software. ” Operation technology” is the minimum technology necessary for the installation, maintenance (checking), and repair of those products that are lawfully exported or reexported under a license, a License Exception, or NLR. The “minimum necessary” operation technology does not include technology for development or production and includes use technology only to the extent required to ensure safe and efficient use of the product. Individual entries in the software and technology subcategories of the CCL may further restrict the export or reexport of operation technology.

(2) Provisions and Destinations.

(i) Provisions. Operation software may be exported or reexported provided that both of the conditions are met:

(A) The operation software is then minimum necessary to operate equipment authorized for export or reexport; and
(B) The operation software is in object code.

(ii) Destinations. Operation software and technology may be exported or reexported to any destination to which the equipment for which it is required has been or is being legally exported or reexported.

Download Latest version 2.x (requires Windows Vista)

AMERICA® (2008 ver. 2.5)
3.4 MB – new GUI, Vista compatible

AMERICA® Speed Estimator (2008 ver. 2.5)
2.4 MB – updated access times, Vista compatible

Download Earlier versions 2.x (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)

AMERICA® v. 2.3 (9/2007)
2.3 MB – fixed bug in refresh rate

AMERICA® v. 2.12 (12/2006)
2.2 MB – fixed stability issues

AMERICA® v. 2.1 (7/2006)
2.2 MB – minor fixes

AMERICA® v. 2.0 (5/2002)
2.2 MB – updated menu bar and toolbars

AMERICA® Suite Estimator (v. 2.1 9/2007)
1 MB approx 3 min at 28.8Kbps

Download Earlier versions 1.x (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)

AMERICA® (1997 ver. 1.1)
1 MB approx 3 min at 28.8Kbps

AMERICA® Suite Estimator (1998 ver. 1.1)
1 MB approx 3 min at 28.8Kbps